Finding Employment

If there is an optimal moment for exchanging students to find jobs, that moment is now. Businesses are growing fast, and they are thirsty for new talent.

The present economic conditions are good news for international students. In good economies, like the one we are experiencing now, labor pools become shallower. This means that businesses often struggle to find the right workers for new openings, because the number of available candidates is limited. To make matters more complicated for businesses, the candidates available are generally considered to be unprepared for new openings. The logic behind this statement is that skilled workers get hired first (and unskilled last). In the absence of skilled workers available for hire, businesses tend to become more open to uncommon hiring practices, like doing employment visa applications.

As a skilled talent, this is your moment to connect with an American business.

Immigration Processes, Legislation, And The Current Administration

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have been exposed to loads of news referring to the current administration’s stance on immigration. Increased deportation, families separated at the border, and “The Wall” are some of the topics we hear about every day. It is no wonder many international students feel apprehensive about their future.

For that reason, we will not assess or discuss the current administration’s immigration policies. We will limit our comments to say that, while the news about immigration sound intimidating for an international student seeking employment, the focus of the current administration is generally on the illegal immigrants. College-educated individuals may continue to rely on established immigration paths. If you entered this country legally, then your chances of completing an immigration process remain relatively unaffected.

At the same time, it is important to highlight that the often sensationalist and tragic immigration stories publicized by the media are scaring more than one employer. Some of them are opting not to pursue work visa services, because they are afraid that immigration rules may suddenly change and impair an ongoing visa application. Thus, wasting time and money.

Don’t let the media scare you or your potential employer. Well-educated international students are still wanted. We strongly recommend you seek legal counsel. Let an attorney assess your options and discuss them with you and your employer. If you don’t have an immigration attorney, get one today.