Realize The Yearning Life In Middle-Aged

Q: I’m thirty-three years old, I feel very confused in my life. I am still a child who is difficult to tame in my heart. I want to pursue a peaceful and simple life without right and wrong. I want to open a small coffee shop and grand opening flower stand shop. Some time ago, I quit my job in a big company that traveled every day, and took a two-month break. I was very panicked and confused. I wanted to re-enter the workforce. I was married but not pregnant. I was not competitive. I didn’t know how to realize the life I longed for. I was very scared.

She went to pursue what she liked. She quit her previous job, but she became more scared, helpless and scared. So I think specific guidance is still needed.

The questions you ask are all about career, relationships, and health. In fact, all the questions will be answered through this question and you will discover the truth: all the questions point to oneself and life.

Take driving as an example. If the car can’t slow down, can’t you drive? No. Can’t reverse? No, it’s dangerous. Can’t brake, can’t drive. Why doesn’t life allow it to slow down and reverse? The reason for the panic is that I don’t know if I can start the next step after stopping.

So your friend says that she wants to open a coffee shop and a flower shop, but she also says that she wants to live. This is ridiculous. Even if she works in other places, if she really loves flowers, she can volunteer to arrange flower box hong kong where she needs them. She can share the art of flowers through intelligent learning. When she shows her enthusiasm and talent, the society will pay for her.

You have countless opportunities to express your love, but you don’t. You set a frame for yourself, saying that because I want to work, I want to make money, so I have no time to realize my dream. I have to quit my job completely to realize my dream. no, it isn’t.

If you really love it, you should act within your ability and time, and let it bloom. So you are not eager to help your friends find a way, but now let yourself stop and re-examine yourself, whether you really like these. If you really like it, take action first. Don’t think about the benefits. The action itself is the benefits. You can’t shout with a flag. That’s what I want. if she can’t take the first step, I can’t help her.