Take Your Flower Shops Business From Offline To Online

When you first think of flower shops and florist singapore you don’t really imagine them on Facebook or any other social media channel, right? At the most, you remember a beautiful bouquet of flowers that was some time ago shared by a friend or close one on a specific occasion like a Valentine’s Day or Grand Opening Celebration. But have you wondered how did that friend knew where to buy the flowers from? Maybe he passed by a flower shop when driving, or somebody guided him towards a florist.

But what if that friend saw a Facebook post that said a flower shop was near his or her location and that it also accepted requests for a wide variety of bouquets for grand opening flower? It also found out quickly from their website or Facebook page that you can pay online, benefit from one to one talk and feedback, actually real-time sharing of the flowers you’re buying and even more? What if from a Facebook post, or an image that it was shared on Instagram, he or she knew of the location of the flower shop and after that, when the moment came to buy flowers they already had the perfect place where to go and where to buy them from? This is all possible due to the power of Social media and the Internet.

How can such an exposure be achieved?

What techniques should be used in order to maximise the profit and the exposure, all with a low budget? Don’t stop reading, because we will talk further on about how you can maximise your business in terms of exposure, engagement and also sales by creating social media brand awareness (on pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+), search engine optimizing (SEO) your website and also your social media pages.

After all, the biggest opportunity that social media give you is that you can interact on a more human-like and close level with your customers, show them that you are willing to come with personalized requests that will satisfy even the most demanding customers and also that you care for their needs. It’s all about finding the right blend between making them feel appreciated and selling your products.

Experience is the most important

We all have favourite places where we go shopping. Maybe it’s because we like the services, or they have great music or the prices are lower, but either way, there’s that special something that makes us return to a certain place and not go to other shops. That’s exactly what we will try to create in our socially digital flower shop. About creating great experiences for your customers who will not only buy from you hence forth, but also recommend you to their friends and relatives and become what’s called “brand advocates”.

Will it be difficult? Probably, but don’t be scared about challenges that will come, think how you will overcome them.